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Five Stars

I have just received my first bargain book box, and absolutely love it! Thank you Clare, I hope to order one each month for a treat. This is the best book box I have received!

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Five Stars
I love these book boxes, I can't get enough of them. Brilliant content all the time. I cannot recommend these enough. Every time I receive a box it's like my birthday and Christmas rolled into one xx

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Five Stars
My first general fiction book box, was absolutely fab. I ordered one for hubby too and he was chuffed to bits. They arrived at the perfect time, when we needed a bit of a pick me up. Two books, two bookmarks, some chocolates, coffee, tea and hot chocolate, what more could you wish for. I'll be ordering more for September very soon x

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Five Stars

Just recieved my first box today and I'm really pleased with it. Will definatly be getting another very soon, maybe even monthly depending on how fast I read lol

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My first And Relax Book Box unboxing, July @andrelaxbookbox I am happy with what I received and will be ordering this monthly #books #toread 

R.P. via twitter

Five Stars

Quickly received it and the products are beautiful thank you xx


Five Stars

I received this as a gift, and was really pleased - book, chocolate, tea and scented candle - pretty much all my favourite things at once. All thats missing is Daniel Craig!


Five Stars

Loved the box I got! 2 great books and lovely goodies to go with the books! And relax book boxes was so helpful in putting together the box for me as I wanted something not listed on the website. I would highly recommend getting one. Thank you so much, will defiantly be back soon


Adult Colouring Book Box - Lovely as a gift and good value -  corzan04

Look what beautiful things I got from @andrelaxbookboxes. It came super quick and I love way I got in it. This is a UK based book box subscription where you don't have to pay each month. You can treat yourself anytime of the year


Thank you so much! I really loved it. L.

4 Stars

So I signed up to receive a blind book box from And Relax Book Boxes It has arrived!!! Overall I'm happy....ish with the box- Inside I got some soy wax melts, a big bar of lindt chocolate, some hot chocolate, some tea, a lip balm, a pen and bookmarks As for the books......I knew that the protector was going to be one of the books- so I'm happy with that The second book I received- I was a little disappointed with- it's a small book- basically a novella approx 140 pages of story minus the acknowledgements and advertisements for the authors other works. But it's book 7 in a series- and that is what I found a little disappointing- I have never heard of the author (it's an indie author) nor have I read any of her other books For now I'm not put off another box- but if I got another book quite far down in a series (a none well known series I mean by that) I may be put off in future.  L.R.

And... Relax Book Boxes Reply - Thanks so much for your review I'm sorry your not fully happy with the other book it is suitable as a standalone even though it's part of a series and I'm sure you'll enjoy it but I'll certainly take it into consideration. Would you prefer a single novel or would you prefer the beginning of a series even if it was a couple of years old x

L.R. I'll most certainly read it- and if I enjoy it- it'll be a new author for me- I think it was more a case of the author not being well known (I had personally never heard of the author) and it being book 7 in the series. I think it's quite hard to answer as if it's a more mainstream author chances are a lot of people have read books 1 through 6....but with it being a lesser known I probably would have preferred book one-despite it being a few years old. Just my personal opinion. Like I say it hasn't put me off- and perhaps if I buy the October box- I may totally re-think my review- and change it to a 5*......I hope so anyway

My book box arrived today xx looking forward to enjoying the contents xxx thank you.  A.R.

5 star

Great selection of books and treats. You'll not be disappointed.  C.P.